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Integrated Mobile Forms
for Location-based Chains

Ensure Consistently Great Experiences and Optimized Operations.

Wendy’s continues to lead innovation and drive operational excellence through their partnership with WorldAPP, provider of

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Intelligent Mobile Solutions
for Chain Operations gives you the insight, oversight, and tools to ensure safe, compliant, and efficient operations.

When issues arise, you’ll know when they’ve been remedied and understand whether they’re trending regionally or globally. Overview for Location-based Chains - 4:00 m

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Flexible Mobile Solutions Built for Enterprise
Brand Compliance

Ensure behaviors and processes comply with corporate and legal standards

Customer Experience

Record real-time customer experience data that overlaps operational statistics

Facilities Management

Gather better data and evidence for capital planning, asset tracking, and vendor SLAs

Offline Functionality
  1. Work uninterrupted while offline
  2. Customized data hierarchy for quick syncs
  3. Mobile photo and data caching
Change Management
  1. Edit and distribute from a central hub
  2. Define user and asset data models
  3. Easily adjust for regional variances
Flexibility and Control
  1. Customize workflows and task management
  2. Host in the cloud or on-premise
  3. Add new forms and tasks for strategic initiatives
Insight and Oversight
  1. Visualize data to understand regional and global trends
  2. Ensure issues and escalations are properly resolved
  3. Leverage collected data across the entire enterprise
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