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Onsite Building Inspections

See how you can move your field operations to the cloud.

FEATURED CASE STUDY: ONSITE BUILDING INSPECTIONS Paperless Building Inspections overview video

Companies that conduct building inspections are under pressure from their customers to deliver in shorter time frames, while maintaining and improving the accuracy of the collected information.

For one company, they found that manually collecting inspection data was limiting their ability to accommodate customer requests and was hardly cost effective. Trying to remain on top of the mounting piles of paperwork created operational bottlenecks that eventually turned into a liability for the company. They knew they needed a cost effective way of efficiently collecting and processing inspection data that would be available to customers instantaneously.

The Company turned to to roll out a completely electronic solution that automated the inspection process, even when inspections were being conducted offline.

Replacing paper forms with web forms, field inspectors are now able to capture data remotely using tablet devices. Using functionality such as speech-to-text and in-form photo validation, the Company was able to improve the process even further for their inspectors in the field as they worked with the new forms solution.

To streamline the entire process, the Company configured a series of workflows and logic functions into the forms. Upon submission, forms could trigger follow up actions based on automated calculations built into the original inspection report. Any follow up forms would be prepopulated with data captured previously and all inspection summaries generated a pass/fail certificate on the back end that would be digitally signed and sent to the building owner via email.

The result for the Company was time spent on each claim had significantly decreased from days to hours. Not only did this allow for more inspections to be executed in less time, but the Company is winning new business simply because they can offer a better customer experience with's services.

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