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Case Studies

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Featured case study: onsite building inspections - featured case studies

Companies that conduct building inspections are under pressure from their customers to deliver in shorter time frames, while maintaining and improving the accuracy of the collected information. For one company, they found that manually collecting inspection data was limiting their ability to accommodate customer requests and was hardly cost effective. Trying to remain on top of the mounting piles of paperwork created operational bottlenecks... Case study - Electronic Retail Audits


Any company selling their product in big box outlets will tell you product availability is the most critical, yet challenging business process to manage. For one company, their mobile workforce was both a strength and their most glaring operational weakness. A well-staffed team of field auditors would travel to their assigned... Case study - Field Insurance Assessment


Time is money - especially in the insurance industry. For many insurance companies, the life blood of their business happens in the field. Adjustors are dispatched to remote locations to capture damage/estimate information that is then transferred back to the main office where the claim is reviewed and processed...


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