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Mobile Cargo
Inspection Software

Inspect cargo quantity and quality with cloud-based forms powered by a platform for mobile devices

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Streamline Processes with Intelligent Cargo Inspection Forms

Create workflows to optimize inspections and analyze your collected data to inform the decision-making process

Customize Cargo Inspection Forms on a Mobile Platform

Mobile Inspections


  1. Increase worker mobility and identify issues at the source before they become a problem
  2. Assess and report conditions easily with custom form logic, photo embeds, and automated alerts
  3. Show in-app reference prompts for inspectors to guarantee proper execution
Offline-First Platform


  1. Inspect shipments with an offline-first mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  2. From cargo ships to railcars, your inspectors will never lose data or forms in areas without a connection
  3. Sync tasks and forms while online, then take the app offline until it’s time to upload again
Streamline Processes


  1. Develop custom workflows to optimize inspections and reporting
  2. Send alerts, assign tasks, and publish inspection results automatically
  3. Aggregate data across all your systems with’s robust API and bi-directional sync
Intelligent Analytics


  1. Use your data to power BI dashboards or third-party analytics
  2. Analyze trends over time by location, process, supplier, and more
  3. Highlight underperforming areas and generate reports to share with your contacts
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