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Your Process. Our Platform.

You’ve heard a lot about the pros and cons of buying and building a data collection platform. But at the end of the day, it’s not how you implement a solution, but how well the solution works for your organization. It doesn’t matter if you buy or build, provided the platform you select offers the most efficient way for you to collect and distribute data and evidence to the people who need it the most. At, we’re not about creating cookie-cutter platforms for individual industries.

We’re also not about starting from scratch with long and drawn out projects that blow by deadlines and drop important features to meet promised launch dates. What we are about is flexibility, efficiency, and providing enterprise corporations (across all industries) with a powerful platform that helps them drive continuous improvement by gathering evidence and insight on an ongoing basis.

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The 80/20 Methodology’s unique mobile data collection applications give enterprise-level organizations the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution (stability, power, rapid deployment) with the added flexibility, control, and precise customization of a homegrown product. We do this by combining’s flexible core with the brilliance of our professional services team.
We call it the 80/20 Methodology.

The Core 80

The 80/20 Methodology starts with a preconfigured platform comprised of 80% off the shelf functionality. Our base platform is packed with all of the great features we’ve developed through 15 years of R&D. This is where we get the head start needed to deliver so quickly.

The Custom 20

Here is where we work directly with each customer to give them all the benefits of a "build" solution by customizing the remaining 20% of the application. We fine-tune individualized forms, workflows, design, etc. to meet their unique needs. Overview

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The Core 80: A foundation for success

Here’s what you can expect from the foundational core of a solution.

User Experience Design and Development’s team of user experience experts have been testing and refining our core platform for the past 15 years. Their job is to ensure that every solution is built on an intuitive, flexible, and powerful foundation.

Even better, these platform experts are the same ones executing your customizations. This means no disconnects, no communication gaps, and no redundancies when it comes time to modify and adapt the solution to meet your needs.

Intelligent Forms features intelligent forms that dynamically change for users as they move about locations based on who they are, where they are, and what they are doing. When a user logs in and performs a sync on their mobile device, all their approved forms are updated and tasks and notifications are instantly available to them.

Data is also pre-populated into forms so users don’t have to repeatedly enter the same information. Just as helpful, employees are only asked questions that are relevant to the particular job they’re performing.

Workflow Automation and Task Management’s powerful workflow automation and task management features are designed to automate manual business processes and streamline your operations.

The platform reacts to information and details included in submitted forms to automatically trigger actions, send out notifications, and schedule follow-up tasks for the appropriate people.

Data that Makes a Difference is perfect for managing and analyzing information, observations, and evidence collected between distributed operations. But it’s not just the data you gather with that makes the difference. It’s the speed, availability, depth, and reliability of that data that transforms your operation into a safer, more efficient and productive machine. Overview
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Data Collection VS. Data Utilization

Whether users are performing audits or inspections for safety, quality, risk, or compliance, the information they gather with is quickly made available to all necessary stakeholders. This real-time data availability means problems can be fixed faster—before they turn into disasters.

Form Scroring:

Create custom scoring and display results at the end of each completed form


Include feedback to correct failing or low-scoring areas

Action Plans:

Publish plans or tasks with deadlines and criticality levels after forms are submitted

Data Mapping:

Visualize different locations on a map, view and compare data by region, sector, or job type


Send email alerts and assign follow-up tasks based on results


Business Intelligence and Analytics data can also be used to drive long-term improvements. Users, stakeholders, and management can access their custom business intelligence dashboards to get a comprehensive view of all the information gathered during audits and inspections. Here they can analyze trends and patterns to make strategic decisions and continuously improve.

Many reports (such as frequency tables, cross-tabulated reports, and statistical significance tests) can even be set to generate automatically, saving valuable time and ensuring ongoing reporting consistency.

WorldAPP Reporting
  • Real time updates and tracking
  • Monitor tasks and responses
  • Form scoring and feedback
  • Data mapping trend monitoring
  • Exportable to 3rd party systems
  • Dashboard and integration options
BI Dashboards
  • Dynamic data visualization
  • Hundreds chart types
  • Build filtered reports
  • Custom dashboards
  • Drill down charts and dashboards
  • Connect to relational databases
  • Support for iOS and Android devices
  • No programming required BI Dashboards let you:

Analyze collected data

in real-time to see what’s happening right now, everywhere in your organization

Track and compare

performance and quality trends over time, location, or on a case-to-case basis

Identify and remedy

common local problems and make global adjustments

Make data-driven decisions

to fine-tune processes and procedures

Oversee operations

by tracking and monitoring task statuses and execution

Improve field-to-office communication

with advanced oversight of offsite employees

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Support Multiple Departments

We often hear stories from clients about how other departments in their organization have displayed signs of "software envy" after seeing their new solution in action. They hear things like, "Why can’t we get tools like that?"

This is where the versatility of really comes in handy. Because our solutions are only 20% customized, it’s easy for clients to fulfill projects across multiple departments by re-using the core 80% of their platform over and over again.

Offline Capabilities’s offline capabilities are great for companies working in remote locations or with limited internet access in warehouses, construction sites, stores, or kitchens. Because you can use while you’re offline, inspectors and auditors can complete forms, collect data, and schedule follow-up tasks from basically anywhere (regardless of connectivity) without ever losing access to any form intelligence.

Here’s how it works. The user collects the data they need, makes a few notes, gathers evidence with a picture, and then either schedules a follow-up or one is automatically set in action for them.

The data is stored in the application, and once an internet connection is established, forms are synced to the server for further processing, reporting, or initiation of workflow and other automated events.

Gather Better Evidence with Your GPS and Camera

Since is made to enable inspections and audits on smartphones and tablets, we make sure that our applications take full advantage of all the features already built in to these devices.

Users can capture dates, timestamps, and GPS coordinates to prove that inspections or audits are completed at the appropriate place and time.

They can even take advantage of their device’s camera to capture photos, mark them up with their finger, and upload them directly to the system. This can be a major time saver, eliminating ‘the work after the work’ for those companies who are still spending countless man hours manually validating photos and attaching them to spreadsheet or paper-based forms after the fact. Difference: is experienced in optimizing storage for clients who perform picture-heavy inspections. Our solution lets them fit all the photos they need on their device, and still have the ability to quickly sync-up without long uploading delays and timeouts.

"Fannie Mae engaged to provide a mobile platform to inspect our REO properties. We are currently working on a solution to offer this technology to our servicers to help with inspection form standardization."
Jacob Williamson, VP of Single-Family Distressed Assets-Fannie Mae
Forms Automation for quality
Watch our video Mobile - Forms Automation for quality, safety, and field optimization
Forms Automation for quality
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The WorldAPP Approach: Saving great companies from the Build or Buy dilemma

The Custom 20: It makes all the difference

The Custom 20 is our secret sauce, the part that really brings things to life with tailor-made design, usability, reporting, and processes. Here’s how it works…
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First, we re-create your existing forms and checklists (and anything else you’re using paper or excel for) in our system. We then optimize the experience for mobile interaction before importing them into your skeleton instance of

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The remaining 20% of your solution is customized by our professional services team, who’ll work with you to determine the best way for us to design and conifgure a custom solution with automated processes and workflows with corrective actions, notifications, and reports.

Our custom: Schema, WorldAPP, and the Professional Services Difference

WorldAPP is the parent company of and keeper of all the brilliant architects and developers that make up our professional services team. These are all the people behind the broad array of solutions we’ve implemented over the years. In fact, this close-knit group has spent the last decade-and-a-half honing and perfecting the Core 80 — constantly designing, building, testing, and refining every last detail of the application.

Perhaps most importantly, our professional services team works directly with our core development team to implement the Custom 20. These developers are the same people responsible for our Core 80, so they know how to customize it to look how clients want it to look, and work how clients expect it to work. Before wrapping up, they even make sure that the end solution seamlessly "bolts-on" to existing back-end systems and programs. is in the business of helping great companies run better. So whatever the procedural need is, our professional services team will work with you to make sure you’re heading down a path towards continuous improvement.

Front-end Customizations: A solution with a bad front-end or poor usability can quickly become frustrating to those who are ‘forced to use it’. That’s why our professional services team takes user experience into account with every decision they make. We customize everything (visual design, logic paths, data pre-filling, etc.) to ensure your new platform makes it as easy as possible for your employees to do their jobs.
Back-end Customizations – On the back-end, we help you configure how your processes will work, and how automated triggers for workflows, tasks, and corrective actions will operate. We then work with you to integrate or ‘bolt’ the solution on to your existing systems. Finally, we fine-tune your reporting structure to make sure you can view and export data in a way that works for your business.
Operational Improvement – If you’re looking to ensure that your organization is operating as efficiently as possible, our professional services team work with you to use technology to streamline your operations. They’ll analyze your existing processes and workflows, find areas to tweak and improve, and work with you to implement automation into your business. This expert guidance will help you find innovative new ways to expedite the distribution of action plans, tasks, alerts, and CAPA (Corrective and Preventative Actions). schema 2

Build vs. Buy vs. Comparison Chart
Develop in-house expertiseYesNoYes
Control over systemCompletePartialSubstantial
Control over designCompleteMinimalSubstantial
Respond quickly to problemsYesNoYes
Internal resource drainHighLowLow
Implementation TimeSlowFastFast
Benefit from external R&DNoYesYes
Cost predictabilityNoYesYes

Got questions? We can help! is a flexible platform designed to take time-consuming procedures done on paper and spreadsheets and turn them into user-friendly forms. Our mobile and offline app allows you to access and complete forms from anywhere, even while offline, and our team of exprerts will work with you every step of the way to create your ideal solution.

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