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Mobile and Offline
Building Inspection Software

Replace your paper-based inspection processes with a platform that routes workflows and gathers deeper data — even when completely offline

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Accelerate Your Processes Using a Building Inspection App

Identify, report, and correct building and maintenance issues with forms that intelligently route users through custom action plans

Improve the Accuracy and Speed of Your Building Inspection Program

Intelligent Forms


  1. Replace your paper-based operations with intelligent forms that accelerate and optimize building inspections
  2. Ensure accuracy and accountability with form validation, timestamps, GPS tracking, and pre-filling fields
  3. Create, modify, and deploy building inspection forms for your specific process using custom logic, workflows, and appearance
Mobile and Offline-Capable


  1. Forms can go offline with a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows PC users
  2. Take, mark up, and attach images of building violations within submitted forms
  3. Date and timestamps, user, and building info can prefill even when the app is offline
Intuitive Data Collection


  1. Create custom workflows that assign tasks, send alerts, and launch action plans
  2. Embedded reference information can display pass/fail conditions and suggested corrections within forms
  3. Forms logically route users through questions, showing only data fields that fit the context
Top-Level Oversight


  1. Use analytics to make informed decisions about which buildings, regions, or employees are faring better or worse
  2. Understand your data better with BI Dashboards that visualize trends
  3. Monitor every property as it’s inspected in real time, then use your data to reinforce new initiatives
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