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Mobile and Offline Bridge
Inspection Platform

Improve bridge inspection processes using a platform that optimizes task management and routes users through custom workflows— even while offline

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Intelligent Bridge Inspection Forms

Cite accurately, report clearly, and act faster on bridge safety issues using intelligent forms that guide users with custom logic and offline data models

Monitor, Manage, and Review Bridge Inspections

Easy-to-Use Forms


  1. Digitize your paper and spreadsheet-based processes with intelligent forms that speed up bridge inspections
  2. Fields validate for accuracy automatically while hardcoded timestamps and GPS tracking ensure accountability
  3. Design and deploy bridge inspection forms for your specific process with customized logic, workflows, and notifications
Offline and Field-Ready


  1. Go offline on a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices
  2. Capture, annotate, and embed images within submitted forms
  3. Timestamps, inspector, and bridge data can prepopulate even when the user is offline
Reliable Data


  1. Define workflows that launch specific tasks, notify supervisors, and initiate follow-up inspections
  2. Display reference info that appears based on previously answered questions
  3. Determine which questions are shown or hidden based on user responses automatically
Longitudinal Insight


  1. Leverage powerful analytics to understand which bridges, locations, or inspectors are trending better or worse
  2. Visualize your data with BI Dashboards that provide charts, graphs, and analytics
  3. Manage every bridge inspection in real time, integrate that data, then monitor how performance changes over time
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