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6S Audit Forms with
Broad API Integration

Add 6S to your auditing toolkit with robust and flexible software designed to work with your existing enterprise systems.

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Develop Your Own 6S Audits for Any Process or Environment

Easily migrate paper or spreadsheet-based 6S audits to a mobile platform to foster a uniform, sustainable, and efficient workspace.

Gather Better, Deeper, and More Accurate Data in Your 6S Audits

Sustainable Workplace Audits


  1. Hone your workspaces for sustainability and operational excellence with intuitive forms that you create yourself
  2. Work step-by-step with our team of highly experienced solutions experts to craft the ideal 6S solution for your enterprise
  3. Choose from nearly limitless options and features for plugins, custom logic, and appearance
Mobile-Optimized 6S Forms


  1. Optimize your audits by deploying automatically filling or partially filled forms for your workforce
  2. Control the flow of tasks from anywhere, even for offline users, by predefining workflows and data models
  3. Design your ideal 6S solution, sync it to your auditors’ devices before they go offline, then see the results when they connect again
Real-Time Data Aggregation


  1. Use your reports to power your own analysis solution or populate a BI Dashboard that helps you visualize results
  2. Get a top-down perspective of your entire organization using centralized admin-level interface
  3. Gain the responsive insight and oversight to make data-driven decisions based on real-time data, trends, and analysis
Control Data Flow


  1. Clamp down routes to vulnerable files with your choice of on-premise or secure cloud hosting
  2. Restrict access to your data using robust user permissions and access levels that let you define exactly who sees what
  3. Create multiple sub-levels to delegate access to various user types, then review their activity from your own interface
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