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5S Audit Forms
with Broad API Integration

Perform 5S audits with a powerful offline and online digital framework designed to streamline workplace inspections

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Develop Your Own 5S Audits for Any Environment

Replace paper-based 5S audits with a mobile hub that cultivates a standardized, sustainable, and orderly workplace Electronic Retail Audits overview video

Develop a Safer, More Sustainable Workplace with Mobile 5S Audits

Operational Excellence

  1. Organize and optimize workspaces for efficiency by replacing paper-based forms
  2. Work with our solutions experts to design the perfect 5S solution for your business
  3. Define custom plugins, logic, and appearance with virtually limitless options
Workplace Inspections

  1. Conduct offline or online 5S audits on iOS, Android, and Windows smart devices
  2. Moderate the course of audits by routing users with predefined workflows and data models
  3. Create the ideal 5S solution for your process, deploy it to users’ devices, then review their results
Real-Time Audit Reports

  1. Use rapid reporting to inform your own analysis solution or power a BI Dashboard
  2. Get a top-level view of your enterprise with tools that let you review, manage, and distribute audits
  3. Gain more responsive insights to make decisions based on data, then observe your initiatives in real time
Root Cause Analysis

  1. Track the source of workplace inefficiencies with top-down analytics and trends over time
  2. Understand which locations, employees, and processes are improving or failing to meet company standards
  3. Oversee inspection processes, launch action plans, and monitor follow-up tasks from an administrative UI
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