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Mobile 5S Audit
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Audit 5S phases with a powerful online and offline digital framework designed to streamline workplace inspections.

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5S Audits with Offline Mobile Software

Replace paper-based 5S audits with a mobile platform that cultivates a standardized, sustainable, and orderly workplace

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Develop a Safer, More Sustainable Workplace with Mobile 5S Audits

Operational Excellence

  1. Organize and optimize workspaces for efficiency by replacing paper-based forms
  2. Analyze collected data in real-time to see what’s happening everywhere in your organization
  3. Track trends and compare performance and quality over time, by location, or on a case-by-case basis
Workplace Inspections

  1. Conduct 5S audits on iOS and Android smart devices
  2. Optimize workplace inspections by displaying standards within forms and generating corrections automatically
  3. Create custom workflows to ensure 5S audits include the necessary approvals and oversight
Instant Audit Reports

  1. Aggregate reports into a custom BI dashboard or your own third-party solution for deeper, real-time insight
  2. Speed up approval processes, trigger follow-up tasks, and share audit reports instantly
  3. Offline functionality speeds up audits even in areas without an internet connection
Root Cause Analysis

  1. Optimize QC tracking, root cause analysis, and hold procedures with an app for mobile devices
  2. Track which employees and locations are failing or meeting quality standards
  3. Monitor locations, launch inspections, and initiate facility-specific actions from anywhere
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