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Forms Automation Software is how many organizations optimize business processes. Combining advanced data collection, data workflow and reporting functionality, the right forms automation software will enhance collaboration and drastically improve productivity across the enterprise. Electronic forms, mobile forms and even advanced offline form-driven operations require an enterprise forms platform flexible and robust enough to fit the unique needs of the business and integrate with other line-of-business systems.

Successfully transitioning to a completely electronic forms environment involves many different areas of your business, from IT to your field staff and on to your customers. offers the technology solution for any or all of those areas... and more. With the Platform, you get a forms application configured to your exact business needs. Get up and running today with the industry’s most powerful forms software technology platform –


Improve how you collect, manage and leverage critical business data – this is the goal of every solution. From the moment data is captured to where and how it is disseminated and reported on must be fast, accurate and secure. It is the life blood of every organization and enhancing how forms data is collected and connected presents a massive opportunity.

Keeping people and programs in sync is how the modern enterprise can gain the competitive advantage. Like a salary cap, manual or paper-based processes put limitations on productivity and also present multiple security risks. offers the technology flexible enough, yet powerful enough to meet the most strict integration and security requirements – including all new HIPAA standards and guidelines.


What happens to form data after it is submitted is always the most critical aspect to any forms application. Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) functionality not only streamlines the flow of data across the enterprise, but it can also create an optimal user experience for your stakeholders that has a direct impact on overall productivity and the operational capacity of the organization.

Successful BPM and data workflow implementations are ones that bridge the gaps between line-of-business users, managers and other enterprise systems in play. supports the comprehensive enterprise workflow and forms management technology needed to fill these gaps and automate data-driven processes from end to end.

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